Project Blugrey: The UP EEEI Alumni Social Media Site


As UP graduates, we have to stay committed to UP’s long tradition of honor and excellence. To promote this tradition, the UP EEEI has decided to provide an avenue for productive interaction through social media for its alumni.

The EEE Alumni Social Media Site aims to encourage productive interaction through:
• Exchange of Ideas
• Discussion of Timely Issues
• Promotion of Constructive Advocacies
• Propagation of Truthful Information

The Alumni Social Media Site provides the advantages of social media including:
• Connectivity with the many users of the site to expand one’s reach beyond who they normally interact with
• Commonality of Interest
• Real-time information sharing

However, to avoid the common disadvantages of social media sites and to accomplish its objectives, the Alumni Social Media Site makes a few deviations.

Interaction within Groups only
The site does not allow for “following” or directly connecting with individuals to interact or receive posts from. Only through joining groups will a user be able to send posts/comments. The system can help the user find groups by matching the user’s fields of interest with that of the groups’.
This allows the user to interact only with those that s/he has the same interests with.

Topic-based Discussions
Groups can have a certain number of open topics at a time and all discussions will be centered on the topics available. Topics that are obsolete or not relevant anymore may be closed by the group administrator. This allows the group to focus only on a few timely and essential issues. Users may also choose to view all posts regarding a certain topic.

Rating of Posts
Posts and comments may be rated by other users based on their helpfulness and relevance to the topic of discussion.This promotes the discipline of submitting well-thought-out posts/comments and prevent the spread of inaccurate news/information.
Reputation System
Users with highly rated posts will eventually earn “good reputation” while those who continue to submit irresponsible posts will eventually garner “poor reputation.” Reputations will be viewable by other users and may help in screening applicants to groups. For future enhancement, users will be allowed to configure their news feed to display only posts from people with “good reputation”

Verified Users
The system’s database contains the names of all UP EEE alumni and only those in the list may claim their accounts to gain access to the social media site. A Vouching System ensures that those claiming accounts are indeed who they claim to be, preventing the possibility of misrepresentation and fraud.

Vouching System Benefits
The website also features simple verification system wherein alumni vouch for the identity of fellow alumni. It is expected to create a buzz, through the use of social media, which can have a considerable effect on the volume of sign-ups.

Other Planned Features
• Activity Groups: Users can organize events and implement projects through Activity Groups. This feature will support calendar of activities, facility to pool resources, facility to volunteer for responsibilities in certain activities.
• Scholarship sponsoring: Crowd funding facility to open scholarship to assist students.



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